Registration and Adaptation of Tourist Housing

Patrimonial profitability in a legal manner and free of concerns

Depending on the autonomical community in which you reside and where you intend to make your home profitable through tourist rental, you must comply with a serie of requirements depending on the regulations, whether local or provincial. Here we show some of the most common. In Expannia we help you to manage and fulfill each of them:


- Have the "Occupancy License" of the property.

- Registration of the property in the Tourist Registry of Andalusia through the processing of the "Declaration responsible for the access or exercise of the activity".

- Rooms with direct ventilation to the exterior or patios and housing sufficiently furnished and equipped with the necessary appliances and equipment for immediate use and according to the number of places      available.

- Fixed refrigeration appliances in rooms and lounges when it is rented during the months of May to September, as well as heating for the months of October to April.

- First aid kit, Complaint Forms, Guest Book, and tourist information of the area.

- Cleaning service for the house at the Check-in of the guests.

- Provide bedding and bathroom linen, as well as giving information and instructions on household items, especially appliances and other devices.

- Provide users with a telephone number for incidents with 24 hours availability.

At Expannia we offer the service of processing and adapting your property for tourist exploitation taking the lead of all the formalities to comply with the current legislation. A totally free service included in those housing we manage in exclusivity.

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